The Jayaraj Farms

Organic and environmentally safe farms

Jayaraj farms

Jayaraj Farms

  • Year Founded: 1935
  • Type: Organic
  • Visit: All year round
  • Fruit types:: 8
  • Camping: No


The farmer is the backbone of the country. We are committed to environment friendly farming. Our orchards are organic farms that do not use Chemical pesticides. The farms at Kodaikanal, Kodairoad, Poolathur and Ghat road Provide Pears, Mangoes, Guavas, Sapottas and amlas. In addition to the plants and trees, our farms have farm animals like cows, sheep, hens and dogs.

Our farms are normally not open to public visits. However, if you are interested to spend a day at the farm, please contact us at the phone number below.

Fruits by Seasons

# Season Fruit
1 April - June Plums
2 April - July Mangoes
3 July - September Pears
4 Perennial Guava
5 Perennial Sapoota
6 Perennial Amla
7 Perennial Jack Fruit
8 Perennial Coffee

Contact us

Jayaraj Farms
1, Jayaraj Nagar,
Madurai 625018
Phone- 0452 - 2669147